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At Chispa, we offer a holistic set of branding services. Our tailor-made creative experience includes Research and Insights, Brand Strategy Development, Naming and Brand Identity (visual, editorial and space design).

Spark your projects

Telling your story is a critical part of building a brand. It defines the soul of your project and creates an emotional relationship with your customer. Our mission is to help you formulate the most compelling and authentic story for your brand.

Matching visions

In-depth study of the context and issues concerning your brand.
  • Project scan Audit
  • Diagnostic
  • Brand Strategy & Position
  • Plateforme de marque

Matching stories

Defining the compelling story for your brand
  • Brand Story
  • Big Idea
  • Brand activation scenario
  • Naming & wording
  • Art Direction

Matching designs

Creating the tools to tell your story
  • Message
  • Tone of Voice
  • Editorial contents
  • Logos & Iconography
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Lifestyle & Product Photography
  • Packaging & Product Design
  • Video content
  • Motion design
  • Website Design
  • Scenography
  • Brand Look & Feel
  • Retail & Branded Spaces
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Design
  • UI/UX Design

Consulting & Strategy

Assistance in Brand Strategy implementation over time